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Indoor Winter Baseball Drills - North Shore Twins

As the days become shorter and colder, baseball players may feel like they need to take a break from their regular outdoor practices. This is understandable, but it doesn’t mean you should stop practicing altogether. You just need to adjust your practice routine as the climate changes outside and find new ways to stay active and keep your skills sharp. In this post, we outline how you can continue working on your game during the winter months without going stir crazy indoors. We’ll share with you effective indoor winter baseball drills that will help keep your arm strength, mobility and skills in top shape.

Activities to Keep in Mind

Now that you know how to play baseball in the winter, it’s time to learn how to practice. The following outdoor activities are perfect for winter practice. It provides a great opportunity for your body and mind to stay active while honing your skills.

These indoor winter drills are designed to help build both strength and flexibility. This helps you maintain an optimal level of general fitness during the long season indoors. It will make you a better player in warmer weather.  

Practice Indoor Winter Baseball Drills

When the weather turns cold and snowy, those who can’t play outside have to find an indoor way to stay in shape. And while there are plenty of good options out there, they all take a little creativity and practice!

In this article we’ll cover some of the best ways to stay sharp as you head into spring training, with helpful drills for batting, fielding and pitching. The good news is that these drills will work in any environment.

  1. Batting Drills – To get ready for the season, we suggest that you begin with batting drills. These drills can be done with a tee and a baseball or even just a tennis ball against a wall.

One of our favorite batting drills is to simply shift your weight to the back foot and get ready to swing. Then toss the ball up while quickly shifting your weight forward in one motion. This drill works on bat speed and timing.

Another drill that’s also good for timing involves actually swinging at the ball. Try moving your weight back while keeping your arms in the same position and then shift forward, attempting to hit the ball with the knob of the bat. This drill should be done over and over until it is second nature.

Try this next drill to improve bat speed. Simply hold a baseball in one hand and stand in front of a mirror. Position your hands as though you are holding a bat. Then swing as hard and fast as possible, without taking back-swing. Do this for about a minute or so and see how fast you can swing.

Another batting drill is to hold out your bat and pretend it’s the knob of a bat. Then do just the same thing with your arms. Try to get faster with each repetition, until you’re swinging at the ball like a machine!

  1. Pitching Drills – Like hitting, pitching drills are a great way to stay highly alert and get ready for the season. The best pitching drill we’ve found is the long toss.

To do this drill, set up a net that is several feet high, or even a tee or something similar. Then simply use your arm strength and toss the ball as hard as you can. Therefore, maintaining proper body alignment and throwing technique. This drill is great for warming up.

Try this next pitching drill with your arm strength as well. Stand on the mound with a baseball in your hand, then throw the ball as hard you can toward home plate. This drill puts more of a challenge on your body and makes it easier to focus on proper form and technique.

You can also work on speed by having a partner stand 60 feet away from you.